How to Get the English Garden of Your Dreams

Have you always wanted a picturesque yard? Do you close your eyes and see a gently rolling lawn with vast sweeps of color, richly layered plantings and perhaps a geometrical design made from perfectly manicured shrubs? Do you love to spend time in your garden pruning and watering your gorgeous plants? Is a dense and rich garden with plenty of character what you are after? With the help of Saylee Greer, LLC we can create an idyllic English Garden of your very own. A place to spend time in the mist of roses. The English Garden originated through the revolution from perfectly symmetrical landscaping, to incorporating nature in all its lush and colorful beauty. This created a balance of traditional formality combined with organic flow. This style boasts formal hedges and outlines but is filled with rambunctious blooms. A perfect English Garden will have a mix or perennials and annuals to ensure a season-long symphony of color. This style will utilize blocks of color to create a perfect flow of stupendous color.  With the classic use of roses, lamb’s ear, lavender, delphinium, foxglove and clematis you can fill your garden with English favorites. Or you can focus on using native plants adapted to your region for ensured growth and a little less maintenance. Although, an English garden will always require constant attention to maintain a carefully cultivated landscape. That is what makes it such a beautiful and intensely personal design style. It’s the perfect option for those who absolutely love gardening. If you are ready to get out your pruning shears and spend some therapeutic time in nature give Saylee Greer, LLC a call!  Our horticultural and design experts will work to create the lush and colorful garden of your dreams. There’s no sight more beautiful than flowers in bloom and lush greenery!

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