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Don’t Waste Space

Too often, side yards end up being a catch all for garbage cans, dog kennels, yard tools and other random debris. Instead of letting this valuable ribbon of ground go to waste, why not install some paving stones, lush plants, and a relaxing bench to create a secret garden between neighbors? It’s easy to do…

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Best Way to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

One of the best ways to enhance your outdoor living space is with a water feature. Water, it’s the vital source of life. Subconsciously water is naturally stress relieving. Imagine the sound of the dripping water softly relaxing you on a nice warm day.  A water feature can add a relaxing yet stimulating effect on…

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Spring Pruning

Why to prune in the first place? Many spring-flowering shrubs become straggly, take up more space, become horribly shapeless and will flower less unless pruned every year. Cutting out the deadwood allows the plant to breathe more and allows light into the interior for healthier growth and less danger of disease. “The basic rule of…

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