Prepare Your Lawn For Spring

Spring is around the corner and now is the time to start thinking about your lawn again. While most all our grasses here in San Antonio are still dormant there are some things that can help for when the ground starts to really warm up. It is recommended for longevity of green lush grass throughout the summer to aerate and add a top dressing to your lawn now. When the weather starts to get warm and rain becomes sparser our lawn can truly suffer. The best way to combat this is by providing deep nutrients to your lawns soil now.

Aeration is the act of creating small pockets in the soil. This is easy to achieve by simply renting an aerator for a few hours and running it over your lawn. It’s as simple as mowing your yard. Short on time? You could hire someone to provide this service for you. Aerating your lawn is a great defense against drought which is something we are familiar with in the summer here in South Texas. Aerating your lawn creates these perfect little pockets that will allow for oxygen and water to penetrate deeper into the soil. More oxygen to the soil aids in more growth for your lawn. Therefore, when spring hits your lawn will bloom into a lush field of greenery. Aerating your lawn will also help with drainage so that water can be truly absorbed by the soil and not rest on top or runoff your lawn. Also, by allowing water to penetrate deeper into the soil you provide a longer lasting reservoir for when rain becomes less frequent and temperatures rise.

After aeration is complete. You can further enhance your lawns health and growth by spreading a ½ in layer of compost on top of the lawn. This will allow for the fertilization health benefits to be able to go deep into the soil to deeply provide nutrients to the soil. New compost will also help to ensure water retention for the best lawn results.

Follow these simple steps to ensure deep grass roots that will make for the healthiest lawn. Keeping your lawn lush and green for all of Spring and Summer!

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