Ultimate Winter Flowers


Cyclamens, the perfect winter flowers. Cyclamens are a hardy perennial flower that blooms from fall to spring. This flower is naturally found in the Mediterranean, as well as some surrounding areas. Cyclamens bloom throughout fall, winter and spring when the weather drops, and rainfall becomes more frequent. Their ideal temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the night. They like a lot of sunlight. Make sure to water semi-frequently. You should wait between watering periods to the let the soil get almost all the way dry. Do not over water, soil should never be drenched. Make sure to trim the blooms after they die by cutting the dead flowers stem down to the base of the plant. Remove leaves that wilt and turn yellow. During the summering months Cyclamens will go dormant when their natural environment is usually very dry and hot. While dormant Cyclamens can be stored in a cool and dry place. Foliage may appear to look dead but as long as the round tubers remain hard and plump the Cyclamens are still alive, just sleeping. Start to water your Cyclamens at the beginning of Fall and they will once again bloom for the season.

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