Landscaping Adds to Property Value

Did you know?! Landscaping can increase your homes resale value by 14%. Most people over look their home landscaping until its time for them to buy a new home. Landscaping gives a home its curb appeal which is the first impression a home buyer gets. According to a Michigan State University study survey, respondents ranked a landscape’s sophistication as “most important when considering the perceived value of a home.” While the sophistication of a landscape design is something that is hard to put into words for most consumers, like art, they know it when they see it. The study defines a sophisticated landscape as one that includes a balance of large deciduous trees, evergreen plants, annual color plants and colored hardscape. The study found that a home valued at $150,000 with only a lawn can gain $8,250 to $19,050 more in value with an upgraded sophisticated landscape.

Curb appeal is one of the most important factors in real estate. So don’t forget the yard before putting your home up for sale. And while you could spruce up your yard before selling your home why not go ahead and make changes over time while living in the home and being able to enjoy those enhancements.

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