Get the Most Out of Your Landscape Project

When it comes to your landscape project make sure to buy quality materials and plants. The slightly higher cost will go a long way over time. Low prices sometimes don’t warrant quality, and you don’t want to buy a whole bunch of inexpensive plants only to have them die a few months later. It makes sense to spend a little bit more to get quality plants and trees for your yard. You will want to search for plants and trees that are lush, green and full. It is also important to do your research and make sure you’re purchasing plants that thrive in your climate zone. You will want to get the most out of your money so buy plants and trees that are naturally found in your climate zone. Avoid wilted or browning plants that might be marked down in price, they are less likely to take after planting. Also if you are planting annuals you will want to chose the plants that have not bloomed yet with green full leaves. This way the plants will bloom after planting giving you the longest amount of time with full blooms. Hence, getting you your full monies worth!

The same goes for the hardscaping, or non-plant items. Make sure you are adding quality materials that will last for years to come. Small details like fabric liner and edging also make a difference in extending the life of your project. Liner will keep maintenance of weeding to a minimum, keeping that clean look in your bedding areas. While proper edging will help to control the natural effects of erosion via wind and water, therefore your bedding and drainage areas will stay full in the intended areas. Also consider upgrading your edging from basic steel edging to brick or rock boarders, this will increase the value of your homes project by added a higher level of curb appeal.

Quality work will come into play as well. Skimping on the price of labor may constitute for poorly installed hardscaping. Make sure you are working with an expert who guarantees the craftsmanship of their work.

When you consider all of this into your project the slight cost increase will be worth the fees in order to prolong the life of your project. Which in turn will maintain the increase of your homes value. Remember QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

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