“Nature Therapy”

Tensed and stressed? Head for the trees. Psychological Science, 2008 asked reader to “Imagine a therapy that had no known side effects, was readily available, and could improve your cognitive functioning at zero cost.” It has been studied and claimed that spending time in nature can improve not only your mood but your work performance. Scientists have coined this term “Nature therapy” but in layman’s terms is referred to as time outside. According to studies performed by Psychological Science, 2008; PLOS ONE, 2012; Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 2007; Environmental Health and Preventative Medicine, 2010; Japanese Journal of Hygiene, 2011; and Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, 2012, taking breaks in nature lowers your cortisol levels, relieving tension and stress while it will also improve your cognitive functioning. Among office workers, even the view of nature out a window is associated with lower stress and higher job satisfaction. The below office’s break space just got a needed upgrade for its employees.

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